6 Best Accounting Software for Freelancers for 2023

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6 Best Accounting Software for Freelancers for 2023

Check retired our database of the champion accounting bundle options for freelancers and self-employed workers. Find retired which 1 fits champion for your concern needs.

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Many freelancers find themselves spending agelong hours doing their accounting by manus but aren’t definite if it’s worthy the outgo to outpouring for accounting software. Fortunately, determination are galore affordable accounting bundle for freelancers available, including immoderate everlastingly escaped options.

In this buying guide, we’ve rounded up the six champion accounting bundle for freelancers of each kinds.

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Top accounting bundle for freelancers comparison

Besides pricing, determination are galore antithetic features to see erstwhile trying to determine connected the champion accounting bundle for freelancers with your needs.

Starting priceForever escaped planExpense trackingNative clip trackingInventory management
FreshBooks$17/mo.NoYesYesYesTry FreshBooks
Xero$15/mo.NoYesYesYesTry Xero
Wave AccountingFree foreverYesYes, mobile receipt seizure outgo $8/mo.NoLimitedTry Wave
Zoho Books$15/mo.YesRequires integration with Zoho ExpenseYesYesTry Zoho Books
QuickBooks Self-Employed$30/mo.NoYesYesYesTry QuickBooks
Sage Accounting$10/mo.NoYesNoYesTry Sage

FreshBooks: Best overall

FreshBooks logo.Image: Freshbooks

FreshBooks is often billed arsenic a much affordable alternate to QuickBooks, and it’s casual to spot why: FreshBooks includes comparable features but starts astatine astir fractional the cost. The much affordable entry-level program volition entreaty to freelancers that conscionable request basal accounting features, and the invoice instauration instrumentality is particularly adjuvant for freelancers. Higher-tier plans see features similar mobile receipt capture, recurring billing and accountant access.

Freshbooks dashboard.Freshbooks dashboard.


  • Lite: $17 per period billed monthly oregon $204 billed yearly. Allows users to measure 5 clients per month.
  • Plus: $30 per period billed monthly oregon $360 billed yearly. Allows users to measure 50 clients per month.
  • Premium: $55 per period billed monthly oregon $660 billed yearly. Includes unlimited billable clients.
  • Select: Custom punctuation pricing for enterprises.


  • Easy invoice instauration tool.
  • Convert estimates and proposals to invoices.
  • Expense tracking and mobile receipt capture.
  • Native clip and disbursal tracking.


  • Transparent, affordable pricing plans.
  • Payroll integration with Gusto and SurePayroll.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Highly rated mobile apps.


  • Charges $11 per period for further users.
  • Charges $20 per period for Advanced Payments feature.
  • Only 5 clients are allowed connected the Lite plan.
  • Could usage much third-party integrations.

For much information, work the afloat FreshBooks review.

Xero: Best for product-based businesses

Xero logo.Image: Xero

Xero Accounting’s cloud-based double-entry accounting bundle features autochthonal inventory absorption features, making it a large prime for product-based businesses. Not lone tin you support way of your banal levels and spot what’s selling, Xero volition besides automatically populate invoices and orders with items you sell. Xero’s pricing plans are besides affordable, which volition entreaty to solo operations that won’t interruption the bank.

Xero dashboard.Xero dashboard.


  • Early: $15 per month.
  • Growing: $42 per month.
  • Established: $78 per month.


  • Track inventory and make orders.
  • Generate fiscal and accounting reports.
  • Connect to aggregate outgo gateways and fiscal institutions.
  • Mobile app for disbursal management.


  • Unlimited users connected each plans.
  • Guided setup process.
  • Payroll integration with Gusto available.
  • Project and clip tracking included successful immoderate plans.


  • Early program constricted to 20 invoices and 5 bills per month.
  • Only 1 enactment allowed per account.
  • Multiple features constricted to the astir costly Established plan.
  • No telephone enactment offered.

For much information, work the afloat Xero review.

Wave Accounting: Cheapest option

Wave logo.Image: Wave

If you’re connected a superior budget, Wave’s accounting and invoicing tools are escaped forever. Instead, the level makes wealth done modular outgo fees and add-ons similar mobile receipts and payroll, though these services aren’t mandatory if you privation to usage the accounting and invoicing features. Each Wave relationship comes with unlimited users, invoices, clients, slope accounts and recognition connections — each perfectly free.

Wave Accounting dashboard.Wave Accounting dashboard.


  • Accounting: Free forever.
  • Invoicing: Free forever.
  • Credit paper payments: 2.9% (or 3.4% for AMEX) + $0.60 per transaction.
  • Bank payments: 1% per transaction.
  • Mobile receipts: $8 a period oregon $72 a year.
  • Payroll: $40 a period successful taxation work states and $20 a period successful self-service states, positive $6 per progressive worker oregon autarkic contractor paid each month.
  • Advisors: $149 a period for ongoing bookkeeping support, oregon $379 for a one-time accounting and payroll coaching package.


  • Create invoices and acceptable up recurring billing.
  • Basic accounting reports included.
  • Built-in outgo processing.
  • Native payroll add-on available.


  • Completely escaped accounting and invoicing tools.
  • Unlimited users, clients, invoices and slope accounts.
  • Interface is elemental to navigate.
  • Can negociate aggregate businesses successful 1 accounting software.


  • Must wage for mobile receipt capture.
  • No built-in integrations.
  • Not arsenic galore accounting features arsenic QuickBooks and different competitors.
  • Customer enactment done email and chat only.

For much information, work the afloat Wave Accounting review.

QuickBooks Self-Employed: Best taxation tracking

QuickBooks logo.Image: QuickBooks

QuickBooks offers immoderate of the astir precocious accounting features connected the market, and galore freelancers volition greatly admit its taxation mentation report. Even the astir basal QuickBooks relationship includes invoice creation, outgo acceptance, disbursal tracking, mileage tracking, currency travel forecasting and basal reports. However, its prices are supra mean compared to astir different accounting bundle for tiny businesses, truthful not each freelancer volition person a fund for it.

QuickBooks dashboard.QuickBooks dashboard.


  • QuickBooks Simple Start: $30 per period with entree for 1 user.
  • QuickBooks Essentials: $60 per period with entree for up to 3 users.
  • QuickBooks Plus: $90 per period with entree for up to 5 users.
  • QuickBooks Advanced: $200 per period with entree for up to 25 users.


  • Create invoices, estimates and quotes.
  • Automatic income and disbursal tracking.
  • Generic accounting and concern reports.
  • Inventory absorption tools available.


  • Comprehensive double-entry accounting features.
  • Unlimited invoices, clients and bills connected each plans.
  • Familiar to accountants each implicit the world.
  • Expense and mileage tracking connected each plans.


  • Customer work could beryllium improved.
  • Higher than mean prices.
  • Each program limits the fig of users.
  • Must take betwixt a escaped proceedings and a discount connected the archetypal 3 months of service.

For much information, work the afloat QuickBooks Online review.

Sage Accounting: Best enactment for caller concern owners

Sage logo.Image: Sage

While you mightiness subordinate Sage with endeavor software, it besides offers aggregate tools targeted toward tiny businesses, including Sage Accounting. Sage Accounting has an extended cognition basal to assistance caller concern owners get up to velocity connected each things accounting. If you can’t fig things retired connected your own, past springiness the well-reviewed lawsuit work section a call. While Sage doesn’t connection arsenic galore bells and whistles arsenic immoderate much precocious (and expensive) options, it’s a coagulated prime for freelancers who are caller to accounting software.

Sage dashboard.Sage dashboard.


  • Sage Accounting Start: Costs $10 per period and includes entree for 1 user.
  • Sage Accounting: Costs $25 per period and supports unlimited users.


  • Create quotes and invoices easily.
  • Bill outgo function.
  • 20+ pre-built reports available.
  • Great inventory tracking.


  • Support aggregate currencies.
  • Extremely affordable pricing plans.
  • Unlimited users connected Sage Accounting plan.
  • Extensive cognition basal available.


  • No autochthonal mileage oregon clip tracking features.
  • Pricing plans deficiency scalability.
  • Interface whitethorn look outdated to immoderate users.
  • Accounting features little precocious than immoderate competitors.

For much information, work the afloat Sage Accounting review.

Key features of accounting bundle for freelancers


Many freelancers usage invoices to complaint their clients, making this an perfectly indispensable diagnostic of immoderate accounting bundle for freelancers. The bundle should let users to take from aggregate email templates and customize them to their needs. It should besides fto users make a connection oregon estimate, which they tin past person to an invoice aft approval.

Time tracking

Time tracking is highly adjuvant for immoderate freelancer who charges their clients per billable hr oregon who has part-time employees that they wage by the hour. Some accounting bundle includes built-in clip tracking, portion others trust connected integration with third-party tools for this feature. If you usage a payroll platform, past the clip tracking information should beryllium casual to import into that arsenic well.

Expense and mileage tracking

If you indispensable way expenses and mileage truthful your clients tin reimburse you later, past decidedly look for accounting bundle that offers this feature. Some bundle confines this diagnostic to much costly plans oregon forces you to wage an other interest for mobile receipt capture, truthful beryllium definite to relationship for that successful your budget.


While freelancers’ accounting whitethorn beryllium little analyzable than that of a ample corporation, it’s inactive important for them to person a wide representation of the fiscal wellness of their business. That’s wherefore you should look for accounting bundle for freelancers that generates reports automatically. The level should besides travel preloaded with a enactment of reporting templates to take from.

Inventory tracking

Not each freelancers merchantability products, but if you do, past you decidedly request inventory tracking to negociate your banal levels to spot what’s selling and what’s not. If you get accounting bundle with inventory tracking already included, that volition marque it highly casual to make invoices for each point sold and to log each transaction successful your books.

How bash I take the champion accounting bundle for freelancers for my business?

Many freelancers are connected a choky budget, truthful it’s important to support that apical of caput erstwhile buying for the champion accounting bundle for freelancers. Fortunately, determination are aggregate budget-friendly picks, including immoderate everlastingly escaped options similar Wave Accounting. Each level takes a antithetic attack to what features are included successful each pricing tier, truthful get circumstantial astir your must-haves since that tin person a large interaction connected your budget.

Most accounting bundle for freelancers offers escaped trials, and those that don’t promote you to docket a demo telephone with the income team. Take your clip investigating retired each bundle to spot if it meets your needs and if you tin bash without the features connected the astir costly plans. If you’re inactive not afloat sold by the clip your escaped proceedings ends, effort a month-to-month subscription archetypal truthful you’re not locked into an yearly declaration with an accounting bundle that mightiness not conscionable your needs.


To take the champion accounting bundle for freelancers, we consulted idiosyncratic reviews and merchandise documentation. We considered factors specified arsenic pricing, lawsuit enactment and idiosyncratic reviews. We besides considered features specified arsenic invoicing, clip tracking, disbursal tracking, mileage tracking, inventory tracking and fiscal reports.

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