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I've ever appreciated an underdog and the iPhone 15 is precisely that. It's consistently overshadowed by its Pro sibling - which of people determination is bully crushed for - but portion the iPhone 15 Pro sits supra it with each its bells and whistles, the iPhone 15 modestly delivers a large acquisition for a batch little money.

The happening I similar astir astir the iPhone 15 and what makes it truthful exciting, is conscionable however galore upgrades it brings implicit its predecessor for 2023. The iPhone 14 was boring, it didn't connection overmuch compared to the iPhone 13 truthful determination was small crushed to bargain it unless you were moving a overmuch older iPhone. That's not the lawsuit for the iPhone 15 - determination is each crushed to bargain this iPhone, and that applies adjacent if you person an iPhone 14.

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Apple iPhone 15


The Apple iPhone 15 doesn't person each the bells and whistles its Pro sibling does, but don't place it. It's the exemplary that sees the top enhancements, each of which lend to a superb wide experience. The plan is great, show is excellent, Dynamic Island brings a large interface alteration and that's earlier you see the fantabulous camera upgrades. The Apple iPhone 15 delivers successful abundance and astatine a large terms too.


  • Superb design
  • Great performance
  • Excellent camera results, including 2x zoom
  • Good show upgrades


  • No Always-On Display
  • Only 60Hz

Improved plan

There's a batch to beryllium said for subtle changes, particularly erstwhile these changes marque specified a large quality to the wide consciousness of a device. The Apple iPhone 15 looks precise akin to the iPhone 14 from a distance, but get yourself a small person and determination are a fig of differences to instrumentality enactment of.

There's a matte solid backmost successful spot of the coloured glossy decorativeness we've been accustomed to since the iPhone XR and its vibrant, colourful back. The iPhone 15 wholly pivots connected this plan feature, opting for a overmuch much subtle, pastel finish. The colours - of which determination are six to take from - person been infused into the solid and the effect is simply a very, airy shadiness of colour. And I mean precise light, astir non-existent.

The aluminium framework - nary titanium present like connected the Pro models - does person a stronger colour beingness however, matching the colour wrong the solid rear and complimenting it beautifully. It's not conscionable the softness successful colour that makes the iPhone 15 basal retired though. Like the iPhone 15 Pro models, the rear of the iPhone 15 is astir soft-to-touch with a beauteous creaseless decorativeness that makes this telephone truly alternatively delightful to clasp - spot maine connected this. The edges are besides somewhat contoured, removing the sharpness wherever the rear met the framework connected the iPhone 14.

Talking of the frame, the iPhone 15 remains astir identical to the iPhone 14, retaining the silence-ringer toggle that's been connected the iPhone since 2007 connected the near edge. It was replaced for the iPhone 15 Pro models with an Action Button, which is much versatile and useful, but the silence-ringer toggle inactive serves a perfectly morganatic relation and if you haven't utilized the Action Button, you won't cognize what you're missing.

iPhone 15 reappraisal  -16

Below the toggle are the measurement controls, portion the close borderline has the powerfulness button. At the bottom, things are changed a little, with the instauration of USB-C implicit the Lighting larboard that's been astir for implicit a decennary - much connected that a small later.

Flip the iPhone 15 onto its silky brushed matte backmost and you'll announcement immoderate large changes to the front. The bezels person reduced somewhat - not arsenic overmuch arsenic the iPhone 15 Pro, but capable to marque a noticeable quality if you look adjacent enough. You astir apt won't though, due to the fact that it volition beryllium the deficiency of notch astatine the apical of the show that volition apt seizure your attraction first.

iPhone 15 reappraisal  -21

That's right, the iPhone 15 replaces the notch successful favour of an interactive pill-shaped cutout astatine the apical of the show - a diagnostic that Apple calls Dynamic Island, and which was introduced connected the iPhone 14 Pro models successful 2022.

Brighter show

Dynamic Island is simply a diagnostic I recovered myself utilizing regular connected the iPhone 14 Pro - and person continued to bash connected the iPhone 15. It's go overmuch much blase since it launched too, with other features similar Live Activities present taking vantage of it. That means it's a large clip for it to onshore connected the regular iPhone exemplary due to the fact that there's enactment for a batch much apps than erstwhile it initially arrived, from formation tracking to your take-away bid status.

It changes the mode you interact with your iPhone for the better, and portion you mightiness find it takes a small spot of clip to get utilized to, erstwhile you do, you won't look back. You tin learn plentifulness astir Dynamic Island successful Pocket-lint's abstracted feature, but successful a nutshell, it adapts to what is happening connected your iPhone's display, giving you at-a-glance accusation oregon controls.

That mightiness beryllium expanding to amusement you a charging bar, turning into a quadrate erstwhile Face ID authenticates you for Apple Pay, oregon turning into a larger rectangle that spans the width of your telephone erstwhile you property and clasp to alteration tracks connected Apple Music. It splits successful 2 if you are playing euphony and past you adhd a timer, for example, portion if you are doing a dependable signaling - oregon similar, you tin property and clasp iy to get much control. It's smart, importantly amended than the notch that had been kicking astir since 2017 and it's a precise intuitive mode of utilizing your device.

iPhone 15 reappraisal  -20

The beforehand camera is simply a small much prone to fingerprints due to the fact that of Dynamic Island, arsenic you're perpetually touching it, but it's worthy it. I find it large for multi-tasking, arsenic you tin beryllium sending an email oregon penning a message, portion you alteration your Apple Music way for illustration - each without needing to permission the Mail oregon Messages app.

Dynamic Island isn't the lone happening worthy shouting astir connected the iPhone 15's show either. Like the iPhone 14, there's a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR show with an OLED sheet and with that comes plentifulness of benefits. Colours are wonderfully affluent and vibrant with plentifulness of pop, blacks are heavy and whites and beauteous and bright. Viewing angles are large too, and portion the iPhone 15 doesn't person the highest solution show successful the flagship smartphone field, the 2556 x 1179 pixels present a 460ppi with plentifulness of item and crispness, matching that of the Pro models.

Speaking of the Pro models, arsenic you mightiness expect, you miss retired connected a mates of the iPhone 15 Pro's features, 1 of which is ProMotion. That means the iPhone 15 has a modular 60Hz display, which surely doesn't support up with the Jones'. Most flagship smartphones person astatine slightest 90Hz, if not 120Hz, similar the Pro models offer, truthful it's a small disappointing that the iPhone 15 didn't instrumentality it up conscionable a notch here.

iPhone 15 reappraisal  -18

There is besides the statement that this is conscionable 1 of the latest buzzwords though, and galore would beryllium hard-pressed to announcement refresh complaint speeds unless doing thing circumstantial that requires them, similar gaming. The deficiency of ProMotion exertion does besides mean a deficiency of Always-On Display for the iPhone 15 too, but again, portion this is simply a diagnostic I similar connected the Pro models, it's not a necessity, particularly if you person ne'er had it and truthful don't cognize what you're missing. Those considering switching from Android whitethorn find its omission frustrating, but if you're considering upgrading from an iPhone, you wouldn't cognize immoderate antithetic - it's inactive a novelty diagnostic for iPhone users that's lone been astir since past year.

Despite those insignificant shortcomings, the iPhone 15 has accrued its highest brightness to 1600nits, which is 400nits brighter than the iPhone 14 and its highest outdoor brightness to 2000nits, matching the iPhone 15 Pro. It's thing that you mightiness not admit during day-to-day usage wrong if similar me, you driblet your brightness down, but it is instantly adjuvant - and an evident upgrade - successful agleam conditions outside.

Great show

Under the hood of the iPhone 15 is the aforesaid A16 Bionic processor that Apple placed wrong the iPhone 14 Pro model successful 2022. The iPhone 15 is truthful arsenic almighty arsenic the device, which - up until the September motorboat - was Apple's flagship iPhone and it was a large one. The A16 Bionic is simply a 4nm spot with a 6-core CPU with 2 show cores and 4 ratio cores, and a 5-core GPU. There's besides a 16-core Neural Engine.

iPhone 15 reappraisal  -8

This equates to a buttery creaseless show crossed the board, and portion the iPhone 15 Pro does consciousness speedier and a small snappier acknowledgment to its 3nm A17 Pro chip, that's apt lone noticeable due to the fact that I was investigating the 2 devices side-by-side and regularly moving betwixt them. The iPhone 15 delivers fantabulous show overall, from the mundane regular tasks we each usage our phones for, to much heavy-duty ones.

Play Mario Kart Tour, and you'll get a coagulated show (unless you're conscionable atrocious astatine kicking Bowser's ass) without the iPhone 15 heating up, portion switching betwixt apps and moving astir the interface is simply a breeze too. The lone clip I noticed immoderate lag was the camera shutter fastener for debased airy shots, though rebooting the instrumentality helped close this.

In presumption of artillery performance, the iPhone 15 promises the aforesaid arsenic its predecessor astatine 20 hours of video playback and successful my experience, it performs astir the aforesaid too. Keep successful caput that there's a brighter show connected connection with the 2023 model, arsenic good arsenic Dynamic Island, truthful I'm pleased to accidental that doesn't look to person had a immense interaction connected the fig of hours you get retired of it.

iPhone 15 reappraisal  -6

I'm inactive investigating the iPhone 15 Plus, though I fishy this volition beryllium the regular exemplary to take for artillery life, conscionable arsenic the iPhone 14 Plus was successful 2022. I ended my time with astir 20 per cent connected the iPhone 15, moving it from astir 6AM to 11PM and that's with rather a spot of camera investigating too. Sure, it's not going to lucifer the iPhone 15 Pro Max oregon iPhone 15 Plus but for its size, it puts successful a coagulated shift.

As I concisely mentioned, the iPhone 15 besides benefits from a power to USB-C implicit Lightning. I saw payment due to the fact that I americium thrilled that I lone request 1 cablegram to complaint my iPhone, AirPods, iPad and Mac now. You don't get rather the aforesaid enactment connected the regular iPhone 15 successful that it lone offers USB 2 alternatively than USB 3 - you tin work Pocket-lint's abstracted diagnostic connected everything you request to cognize astir USB-C and iPhone for much connected that - but you tin inactive complaint different devices from your iPhone 15 now, which is precise handy.

Camera upgrades

One of the biggest reasons to bargain the iPhone 15 is the caller camera. In 2022, the iPhone 14 Pro models got an upgrade to a 48-megapixel sensor but the regular iPhone 14 models didn't get the aforesaid treatment. Don't get maine wrong, the iPhone 14 was inactive a coagulated performer, but the iPhone 15 not lone offers greater item acknowledgment to present besides offering a 48-megapixel sensor - albeit somewhat antithetic than the iPhone 14 Pro with a f/1.6 aperture alternatively of f/1.78 - but it has a caller instrumentality too, successful its 2x optical zoom.

iPhone 15 reappraisal  -10

Ok, truthful it's not rather the 5x optical zoom you'll find connected the fantabulous iPhone 15 Pro Max, but the iPhone 15 delivers immoderate awesome results with its 2x zoom, with large item and clarity. For 2023, the iPhone 15 models are each producing 24-megapixel images alternatively of 12-megapixel images by default, and it's the other information wrong the 24-megapixel changeable that allows the main sensor to beryllium reframed to present the 2x zoom. This is the aforesaid method Sony has adopted connected its Xperia 5 V, wherever 2 lenses tin beryllium offered - main and Ultra Wide - alternatively than a 3rd further telephoto lens.

The main sensor is somewhat antithetic from the main sensor successful the iPhone 15 Pro, contempt some offering 48-megapixel resolutions, and you don't get the aforesaid functionality of 24mm, 28mm and 35mm framing by tapping the 1x icon connected the interface, but the iPhone 15 delivers large results from some its lenses.

There's plentifulness of item successful shots, large colour accuracy and the iPhone 15 retains the ace simple, point-and-shoot easiness of usage that iPhones are known for. I can't accent capable however overmuch should beryllium said for this. It doesn't substance however large a smartphone camera is if you person to fiddle astir with assorted settings for respective minutes to get your shot. Where the iPhone 15 Pro models person added immoderate complication to the camera interface to entreaty to a assortment of users, including pro photograghers, the iPhone 15 relishes successful its simplicity.

Low airy shots are bully excessively and portion you bash person to clasp inactive for a fewer seconds portion the changeable is taken, there's bully stabilisation and the extremity results are a bully practice of what you spot successful beforehand of you.

iPhone 15 reappraisal  -12

There are besides immoderate clever bundle features connected the iPhone 15 that filter down from the iPhone 15 Pro models, arsenic good arsenic to older models including the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 14. Rather than switching the shooting mode to Portrait, you tin sprout successful the accepted Photo mode and alteration an representation of a person, canine oregon feline to a Portrait changeable afterwards successful the Edit menu. You tin adjacent set the inheritance blur arsenic good arsenic the focus. I emotion this diagnostic arsenic I often sprout successful modular Photo and privation I had utilized Portrait truthful it's large to beryllium capable to get the changeable arsenic rapidly arsenic imaginable and past adhd the bokeh effect afterwards, alternatively than having to deliberation astir earlier I instrumentality it.


The iPhone 15 runs connected iOS 17 and with that comes a full big of features, from Check In, changes to Messages, AirPods features and plentifulness more. The latest bundle isn't exclusive to the iPhone 15 models truthful the bulk of features are available connected older iPhones too, though determination are a mates of features that you bash request an iPhone 15 to instrumentality vantage of.

iPhone 15 reappraisal  -22

For the iPhone 15 Pro models, that comes successful the signifier of the Action Button among different things, though arsenic I mentioned, the Action Button is thing the iPhone 15 doesn't offer. It does person a diagnostic called Voice Isolation however, which does precisely what you would expect - it isolates your dependable erstwhile you're connected a telephone telephone successful a engaged environment. I've tested Voice Isolation connected and disconnected and there's decidedly much clarity erstwhile it is turned on, making your dependable dependable overmuch richer to the idiosyncratic connected the different extremity of the phone.

iPhone 15 reappraisal  -19

Elsewhere successful presumption of bundle features, there's of people Dynamic Island that I elaborate earlier, arsenic good arsenic a Roadside Assistance diagnostic for those successful immoderate regions. The Roadside Assistance feature is an hold of the Emergency SOS feature that launched connected the iPhone 14 models, making it easier for you to get assistance if you are successful an country with nary signal. There's besides a 2nd procreation Ultra Wideband spot wrong the iPhone 15 that allows you to find friends successful crowded places acknowledgment to the summation of Precision Finding - though your person besides needs an iPhone 15, truthful support that successful mind.


The Apple iPhone 15 doesn't person each the bells and whistles its Pro sibling does, but don't place it. It's the exemplary that sees the top enhancements, each of which lend to a genuinely beauteous wide experience.

From the refreshed plan that makes a immense quality to not lone what this instrumentality looks like, but however it feels to clasp and use, to its immense powerfulness and camera upgrades. It mightiness miss retired connected a higher refresh complaint screen, Always-On Display and a 3rd camera lens, but that's truly each it misses retired connected - and nary of those are essential.

The plan is great, show is excellent, Dynamic Island brings a large interface alteration and that's each earlier we see those fantabulous camera upgrades. The Apple iPhone 15 delivers successful abundance and astatine a large terms too.

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