Forget the iPhone 15 and get the 6.1-inch Galaxy S23 for $100 less

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If you're consenting to progressive your telephone consecutive away, Best Buy has it for $250 off.

Samsung Galaxy S23-1

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Samsung Galaxy S23

$550 $800 Save $250

While the iPhone 15 is the speech of the town, however astir we instrumentality different look astatine the Samsung Galaxy S23? Now connected sale, the S23 tin beryllium purchased for $700, which is the lowest terms we've seen for this peculiar model.

The caller iPhone 15 has the aforesaid 6.1-inch surface arsenic the Galaxy S23 and they some request a USB-C cord to charge, but fixed however the Samsung has been retired for a fewer months, we're seeing coagulated discounts for it. At this point, though the basal options with 128GB of retention abstraction outgo the aforesaid $800 for some brands, you tin prevention $100 connected a caller S23 astatine some Amazon and Samsung. Best Buy has a amended offer, but you'd person to activate your telephone consecutive distant with 1 of their selected carriers.

Why you should get the Samsung Galaxy S23

The Samsung Galaxy S23 is simply a fantastic smartphone for anyone who doesn't person palms the size of plates. With a tenable 6.1-inch screen, the S23 is the cleanable size to usage without worrying astir dropping the instrumentality due to the fact that you can't clasp a bully grip connected it. And yes, you'll adjacent beryllium capable to scope that apical close country to swipe down the Quick Settings paper oregon the notifications.

In fact, the size of this telephone was 1 of the main reasons wherefore we loved the Samsung Galaxy S23 erstwhile we reviewed it. We besides truly enjoyed however slim the telephone is and the agleam and vivid display, arsenic good arsenic the barely-there bezels. If you adhd a decent S23 case, however, that slimness volition slice a bit, but you'll get a amended grip connected the instrumentality and a spot much durability against the occasional drop. Thankfully, if you hap to driblet it into a puddle - due to the fact that Murphy's instrumentality says you mightiness - you're covered by the IP68 h2o (and dust) resistance.

Let's get backmost to that surface for a second, though. As mentioned, this telephone has a 6.1-inch AMOLED show with 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, which is beauteous fantastic for each those fast-paced games we cognize you'll play portion commuting. In agleam sunlight, you'll inactive beryllium capable to work your texts due to the fact that the surface has a highest brightness of up to 1750 nits. Since the telephone is comparatively small, that FHD+ solution means you get implicit 400 pixels per inch, truthful expect ace crisp details.

The instrumentality besides runs connected a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 spot which was specifically made for the Galaxy line-up, arsenic good arsenic 8GB of RAM. The 3900mAh artillery should get you done the time with easiness if you don't crippled connected it from sunrise to sunset, but that applies to beauteous overmuch immoderate phone. Stick to doomscrolling societal media, and you're good.

If you privation a bigger screen, however, the Samsung Galaxy S23+ and S23 Ultra are besides connected sale. The S23+ is down to its champion terms again, portion the Ultra is simply a spot supra that aureate price.

  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+

    Samsung / Pocket-Lint

    Samsung Galaxy S23+

    $650 $1000 Save $350

  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra connected  gradient background

    Samsung / Pocket-Lint

    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

    $750 $1200 Save $450

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