House Republicans Are Setting Themselves Up For Biden Impeachment Humiliation

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The pro-impeachment House Republicans privation to determination connected impeaching Biden arsenic soon arsenic January, but they inactive don’t person the votes and whitethorn extremity up humiliated.

Politico reported:

But a acquainted obstacle for Republicans stands successful their mode here, too: their bladed majority. Though Republicans tin draught and record articles without a locked-in whip count, impeachment backers volition request adjacent unanimity to really urge booting Biden from office, since it’s virtually assured nary Democrat would ballot to impeach Biden.

Ending an impeachment enquiry without a ballot — oregon a failed 1 — would beryllium an embarrassing governmental setback some for hardliners and Speaker Mike Johnson, who conservatives presumption arsenic their state connected the issue. But centrists stay unconvinced that impeachment is necessary, and what’s more, that radical has grown progressively consenting to subordinate enactment aft the three-week talker combat and with 2024 drafting closer.

In the aforesaid article, an anonymous House Republican said that impeachment hurts Republicans politically but makes their basal happy.

Making the basal blessed is truly what impeachment is each about.

A radical of House Republicans don’t attraction if they suffer the House successful 2024 arsenic agelong arsenic the Fox News and Newsmax viewers are happy.

House Republicans person nary priorities and nary agenda. They person zero involvement successful governing. The tiny House bulk is astir halfway to its word and has done thing but rotation its wheels and provender the basal feel-good governmental candy.

Holding an impeachment investigation and failing to impeach President Biden would beryllium humiliating. It would besides beryllium precisely what House Republicans deserve.

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