Insta360 Ace Pro vs GoPro Hero 12 Black: Which is the best action cam?

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  • Insta360 Ace Pro Square 2

    Insta360 / Pocket-lint

    Insta360 Ace Pro

    Best for debased light

    Insta360's archetypal accepted enactment camera is an awesome one, with a ample sensor that makes it superb for capturing video successful low-light situations. It besides boasts a flip-up screen, which makes it overmuch much suitable for filming yourself.


    • Way amended astatine debased airy recording
    • Higher maximum resolution
    • Flip retired surface and speedy merchandise mounting


    • 8-bit colour
    • Mics are susceptible to upwind noise
  • GoPro leader  12 Black square-1


    GoPro Hero 12 Black

    Best for nonrecreational work

    The Hero 12 Black builds connected the occurrence of the Hero 11, utilising a unsocial 8:7 sensor that allows you to seizure vertical, horizontal and square-format videos successful fantabulous quality. It besides offers tons of pro-level features similar 10-bit colour, a Log illustration and timecode sync.


    • 10 spot colour and Log profile
    • Wider FOV
    • Better audio recording


    • Struggles successful debased light
    • App transportation is little reliable

Insta360 made a sanction for itself by creating immoderate of the astir unsocial and innovative cameras disposable today. However, portion astir of its cameras are action-oriented, it has ne'er released a emblematic enactment camera, alternatively focusing connected 360 cameras, micro cameras and modular designs.

That each changed with the instauration of the Insta360 Ace Pro, the archetypal GoPro-style enactment camera from the brand. With a ample sensor, flip our surface and precocious resolution, it looks to beryllium rather the contender, too.

The question is, does Insta360 person what it takes to vie with the market-leading GoPro Hero 12 Black? We were excited to find out, truthful we compared the 2 cameras from each angle. Here's everything you request to know.

Specs, terms and availability

The Hero 12 Black was released successful September 2023 and has been disposable astatine retail ever since. It costs $399.99, and dissimilar immoderate of its predecessors, there's nary GoPro subscription required to unlock this pricing.

The Insta360 Ace Pro was announced connected November 21 2023, and made disposable to acquisition connected the aforesaid day. It retails for the somewhat higher terms of $449.99

Here's however the 2 cameras comparison astatine a glance:

  • Insta360 Ace ProGoPro Hero 12 BlackSensor SizeVideo ResolutionPhoto ResolutionBatterySizeWeightWater ResistanceLens
    1/1.3-inch1/1.9-inch 8:7
    8K 24fps5.3K 60fps
    1650 mAh1720 mAh Enduro
    71.9x52.15x38.5 mm71x55x34 mm
    Waterproof up to 10mWaterproof up to 10m
    Fixed lens protectorReplaceable hydrophobic lens protector


Both cameras are akin successful size and shape, but the Insta360 Ace Pro is simply a fewer millimetres thicker and importantly heavier, too. This is mostly owed to the flip surface connected the camera's rear.

Insta360 Ace Pro and GoPro Hero 12 Black (7)

Both cameras person a mode/power fastener connected the broadside and a grounds fastener connected top. They besides some person removable batteries, a USB-C larboard for charging and information transportation and a microSD card slot for storage.

They some diagnostic front-facing displays. However, they're rather antithetic successful presumption of functionality. The GoPro's beforehand surface tin beryllium utilized arsenic a preview show for filming yourself, whereas the Insta360's beforehand surface is simply a monochrome LCD that displays your existent settings. This is due to the fact that the Ace Pro has a flip-up surface that serves the aforesaid intent and has the added payment of being a touchscreen, whereas the GoPro beforehand surface is lone for viewing.

The flip-up surface is large for filming yourself, and it besides helps erstwhile filming from a debased angle, arsenic it tin beryllium tilted upwards for casual viewing. There are immoderate instances, though, wherever the GoPro's plan makes much sense. If you equine the Ace Pro successful a choky spot, you mightiness find that there's not capable country to flip the surface around, truthful successful that case, the GoPro's beforehand surface is much utile for framing.

Insta360 Ace Pro and GoPro Hero 12 Black (9)

There's besides a question of durability. The Ace Pro's surface feels plentifulness durable, but arsenic a moving part, with an exposed ribbon cablegram connected its underside, it's surely little durable than the one-piece operation of the Hero 12 Black. On the taxable of durability, it's besides worthy noting that the GoPro's lens protector tin beryllium easy removed and replaced if it gets cracked oregon scratched, whereas the Insta360 Lens protector is glued into place.

When it comes to mounting, the Insta360 Ace Pro adopts a magnetic quick-release system, overmuch similar the DJI Osmo Action 4 oregon Insta360's ain Go 3. We emotion this, arsenic it means you tin rapidly power betwixt aggregate mounts arsenic agelong arsenic you put successful a fewer other baseplates. The mounting feels sturdy and durable, and it's not apt to travel escaped during aggravated activity. However, we're consenting to stake that GoPro's permanently affixed mounting tabs are much durable overall.

The Hero 12 Black uses the aforesaid mounting tabs that GoPro pioneered galore generations ago, and they enactment great; it conscionable takes a small longer to get acceptable up. The Hero 12 is the archetypal of GoPro's cameras to see a 1/4-20 tripod thread successful summation to the accustomed tabs. This is precise convenient and not matched by the Ace Pro unless you put successful the brand's optional Quick Release Mount accessory.

App and features

Both cameras person their ain companion apps disposable for iOS and Android. The Hero 12 Black uses GoPro Quik, and the Ace Pro uses the Insta360 app. Both of these applications connection akin features, including distant monitoring and settings adjustment, on with the playback and editing of your clips.

Both connection apps connection the quality to sync your clips to the unreality and tin automatically make item videos with AI, attempting to prime retired the astir absorbing portions of your videos without you needing to bash the enactment yourself.

The Insta360 Ace Pro adds immoderate much unsocial features similar Motion ND, which simulates a dilatory shutter speed, adding artificial question blur to your videos oregon hyperlapses to summation the consciousness of speed, and AI Warp, which uses generative AI to make trippy effects for your videos.

Insta360 Ace Pro (9)

The Ace Pro works with the robust Insta360 Studio desktop app for Windows and MacOS, but desktop bundle is not presently disposable for the Hero 12 Black. GoPro Quik for desktop is successful the works, but there's nary acceptable day conscionable yet. It was expected to motorboat for Mac successful November, but that hasn't happened yet, and a Windows mentation is slated for Summer 2024.

Neither of these cameras has GPS connected board, but the Insta360 tin propulsion GPS information from the app erstwhile it's connected to your phone, and it tin besides sync with Garmin smartwatches oregon an Apple Watch if you privation speed/altitude overlays to your videos. There's presently nary mode to adhd GPS information to Hero 12 videos, truthful if you're looking for that feature, you'll request to opt for the Hero 11 instead.

Both cameras connection the quality to brace with earbuds, which tin beryllium utilized used arsenic a wireless microphone. It's a neat feature, but the audio prime is beauteous terrible, truthful it's nary replacement for a due wireless microphone.

GoPro Hero 12 Black (24)-1

Both cameras tin besides beryllium controlled with dependable commands, which is useful if you're doing watersports and can't usage the touchscreen, but the Ace Pro has different chill instrumentality up its sleeve. It besides offers motion control, truthful if you're filming yourself, you tin clasp your thenar up to commencement a video signaling oregon propulsion a bid motion to instrumentality a photo.

Another chill diagnostic that's unsocial to Insta360 is the quality to cancel recording. This means that if you're filming idiosyncratic attempting a instrumentality and they don't marque it, you tin property cancel, and the signaling won't beryllium saved. This prevents you from filling up your SD paper and besides means that you won't person to benignant done each of the failed attempts looking for the palmy one; it's a elemental diagnostic but truly bully successful practice.

Image prime

These 2 cameras instrumentality rather antithetic approaches erstwhile it comes to their imaging sensors. The Hero 12 Black has a 1/1.9-inch sensor successful an antithetic 8:7 ratio, whereas the Ace Pro has a 1/1.3-inch sensor successful a much accepted 4:3 format.

The vantage of GoPro's plan is that it captures overmuch much vertical information, which is large erstwhile you privation to harvest into a vertical video, and it besides enables the highly wide FOV of the HyperView integer lens. The downside, however, is that you get a tiny sensor erstwhile filming successful a 16:9 format, and this means it has beauteous unspeakable show successful low-light conditions.

The Ace Pro uses astir of its ample sensor during 16:9 recording, and this means that it captures agleam and elaborate images, adjacent successful the darkest of conditions. Comparing nighttime footage betwixt the 2 cameras is similar nighttime and day; there's truly nary contest.

In the daylight, the contention is closer. Both cameras seizure similar-looking images and render colours rather similarly, too. We recovered the Hero 12 Black's representation somewhat much pleasing successful daylight, arsenic it renders tegument tones much accurately and is much accordant with its achromatic balance, but for those who aren't arsenic picky, the spread is rather minimal.

Insta360 Ace Pro and GoPro Hero 12 Black (5)

Both cameras tin sprout successful 4K astatine up to 120fps for epic dilatory question oregon up to 240fps successful 1080p. This is precisely what you privation successful an enactment camera, arsenic you tin spot each the intricate details of adjacent the astir chaotic scenes. Both connection fantabulous integer stabilisation, too, making adjacent the astir perilous upland descent look arsenic if it was filmed connected a gimbal.

The Ace Pro is the archetypal enactment camera to connection 8K video recording, whereas the Hero 12 Black maxes retired astatine 5.3K. However, the GoPro tin sprout 5.3K astatine 60fps, whereas the Insta360 tin lone seizure 8K astatine 24fps. At the clip of writing, we haven't been capable to trial the 8K capabilities of the camera; they're coming successful a firmware update, which should onshore earlier consumers get their hands connected the camera. Realistically, astir radical aren't going to privation to sprout astatine 8K, particularly with specified constricted framework rates, truthful we can't spot it being a large gully for the Ace Pro.

The main vantage of the GoPro, for our needs, is the wideness of the HyperView lens. It makes first-person biking shots look faster and much intense, arsenic good arsenic capturing overmuch much of your surroundings. The widest FOV disposable connected the Ace Pro is the Action View, and it can't compete, particularly successful vertical width. However, it's a antithetic communicative if you similar to sprout without tube distortion successful GoPro's Linear mode oregon Insta360's DeWarp. Here, the Insta360 offers a overmuch wider FOV, portion the Hero 12 is precise cropped in.

Insta360 Ace Pro and GoPro Hero 12 Black (10)

The audio signaling is large connected some cameras, but the GoPro wins overall. It's overmuch amended astatine suppressing upwind noise, and that's thing that's precise important for an enactment camera. The Hero 12 besides boasts much nonrecreational features, similar 10-bit colour, timecode sync and a existent Log illustration for colour grading. The Ace Pro can't lucifer immoderate of these features, and that could beryllium a dealbreaker if you privation to usage your enactment camera successful a nonrecreational video environment.


Both of these enactment cameras are fantabulous successful their ain right, and you can't truly spell incorrect with either option. They're some rugged and waterproof and seizure exceptional video quality, particularly considering their tiny size and lightweight.

Insta360 Ace Pro

Insta360/ Pocket-lint

Insta360 Ace Pro

Sensor Size 1/1.3-inch

Video Resolution 8K 24fps

Photo Resolution 48MP

Battery 1650 mAh

Size 71.9x52.15x38.5 mm

Weight 179.8g

Water Resistance Waterproof up to 10m

Lens Fixed lens protector

If you sprout astatine nighttime oregon indoors much often than retired successful the daylight, the Insta360 Ace Pro is the evident choice; it's miles amended astatine capturing video successful low-light scenarios than the Hero 12 Black. It's besides overmuch much convenient, arsenic it has a quick-release mounting system, a flip-up surface that's easier to spot and operate, and a amended exertion to connect.

GoPro Hero 12 Black gradient

GoPro/ Pocket-lint

GoPro Hero 12 Black

$350 $399 Save $49

However, the GoPro is inactive the champ erstwhile it comes to outright representation prime successful well-lit scenarios. It besides offers amended audio and much broad features for nonrecreational video shooters, arsenic good arsenic being somewhat cheaper. For a batch of people, it's inactive the close choice.

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