Leaked Microsoft Docs Indicate Xbox Is Planning Next-Gen Hybrid Console For 2028

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Microsoft and Xbox appeared successful tribunal earlier this twelvemonth implicit its $69 cardinal acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Various antecedently unseen documents from those tribunal proceedings person leaked, revealing Xbox caput Phil Spencer considered acquiring Nintendo and Warner Bros. Games astatine 1 point, an Xbox Series X/S refresh and a caller Xbox controller planned for 2024, and potential remasters of Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Another leaked papers details the company's plans for a next-gen hybrid console successful 2028, arsenic reported by The Verge.

This papers stops abbreviated of revealing what the console is, what it could beryllium called, and what it mightiness look similar 1 day. However, it reveals immoderate cardinal details astir its architecture and however Xbox views it arsenic a hybrid crippled level that uses the cloud. 

In the "Our Vision" section of the document, Microsoft writes, "Develop a adjacent procreation hybrid crippled level susceptible of leveraging the combined powerfulness of the lawsuit and unreality to present deeper immersion and wholly caller classes of crippled experiences. Optimized for existent clip crippled play and creators, we volition alteration caller levels of show beyond the capabilities of the lawsuit hardware alone."

The papers besides lists "key strategical decisions & investments" related to CPU, GPU, graphics innovation, and more. You tin cheque it each retired for yourself below: 

The Verge via FTC vs. Microsoft Court Documents

The Verge obtained different papers that shows a timeline of Xbox console releases, dating backmost to the archetypal Xbox successful 2001. That timeline has "Next Gen" listed for 2028, with notes similar "Cloud Hybrid Games" and "Immersive Games & App Platform." 

The Verge via FTC vs. Microsoft Court Documents

Another papers indicates hardware plan would statesman successful 2024, with dev kits arriving successful 2027 earlier the motorboat successful 2028. Head to The Verge for much in-depth details connected that and more.

For more, work astir however Xbox caput Phil Spencer considered acquiring Nintendo and Warner Bros. Games successful 2020, and past cheque retired the refreshed Xbox Series X/S and caller Xbox controller coming adjacent year, according to interior Microsoft documents. After that, work astir however a leaked Microsoft papers indicates remasters of Fallout 3 and Oblivion could beryllium connected the way and however The Elder Scrolls VI won't beryllium released until astatine slightest 2026

[Source: The Verge]

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