Stellar announces testnet for Protocol 20 upgrade

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  • Stellar (XLM) volition activate the testnet for Protocol 20, its latest web upgrade, connected September 20 astatine 15:00 UTC.
  • The upgrade volition present the Soroban astute contracts connected mainnet.
  • XLM terms was mostly muted astir $0.11.

Stellar is preparing for its biggest web upgrade – the upcoming Protocol 20 upgrade – which volition present Soroban astute contracts to the mainnet. The upgrade volition payment developers and businesses gathering connected Stellar, according to an announcement published connected Monday.

Prepare for #Stellar’s Protocol 20 upgrade! It’s the biggest 1 yet, introducing Soroban astute contracts.

Things to know:
1. Testnet upgrade connected Sep 20, 1500 UTC
2. Update Stellar-related software
3. Stay updated successful the (#protocol-20) discord channel
4. Go present for much info…

— Stellar (@StellarOrg) September 18, 2023

Introducing Soroban astute contracts

Soroban is simply a developer-friendly, Rust-based astute contracts level designed to integrate with the Stellar blockchain.

It’s by acold the biggest, astir analyzable protocol upgrade to date, and truthful portion the basal instructions to hole are the aforesaid arsenic ever — instal up-to-date versions of immoderate Stellar-related bundle you use! — the process volition instrumentality a fewer other steps and play retired a spot slower than usual,” Justin Rice, VP of Ecosystem astatine the Stellar Development Foundation said successful a blog post

Per the Stellar exec, the testnet volition rotation retired connected Wednesday, September 20 astatine 15:00 UTC. Testnet nodes volition person to instal the latest versions of the Stellar Core and Horizon.

Once the unchangeable merchandise is out, Stellar expects mainnet validators to docket an upgrade ballot determining the imaginable day for the nationalist web upgrade. The ballot day volition beryllium for six weeks aft the unchangeable releases.

Because the Protocol 20 upgrade introduces caller web settings that validators control, it is besides apt that the archetypal upgrade ballot volition beryllium followed by a bid of further votes to set those settings,” Rice added.

XLM terms outlook

The terms of XLM, autochthonal Stellar token, was hovering astatine $0.11 – conscionable successful the greenish successful the past 24 hours.

However, XLM/USD was down 7.5% successful the past week and was struggling for upside momentum pursuing caller declines from highs of $0.13.  The upswing and consequent losses followed Stellar’s teasing of a large improvement that turned to beryllium a “buy the rumour, merchantability the news,” scenario.

This means XLM is poised adjacent the cardinal enactment level of $0.10, beneath which sellers could people $0.09 and past $0.07. On the upside, absorption is apt astatine year-to-date highs astir $0.16.

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