The Pixel 7a is one of our favorite phones of the year and Black Friday deals make it just $374

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The Pixel 7a is arsenic adjacent to cleanable arsenic a mid-range telephone tin get, and it's lone $374 close now.

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Google Pixel 7a

$374 $500 Save $126

The Pixel 7a is Google's latest mid-range phone. It succeeds the Pixel 6a, and sits alongside the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, offering a fig of large specs and features and bridging the spread adjacent much betwixt flagship and mid-range.

Finding a amended mid-range smartphone than the Google Pixel 7a is hard - successful fact, we couldn't arsenic it remains our apical prime for the best mid-range phone presently connected the market. Google took the champion parts of the Pixel 7 and brought it to a budget-friendly price. Usually selling for $500, Amazon offers the telephone for conscionable $374. That's 25 per cent disconnected the regular price, which is 1 of the champion deals we've ever seen connected this beloved smartphone.

Why you should see the Pixel 7a

We loved the Pixel 7a successful our review. It's not without immoderate insignificant flaws, which is to beryllium expected for an affordable phone. "Google's updated mid-range telephone boosts the prime implicit the erstwhile iteration - but its biggest rival mightiness beryllium from Google itself," according to Pocket-lint's handset expert, Chris Hall. We gave it a 4-star rating, which is rather bully for a telephone astatine this terms point. And, of course, that's based connected the full $500 price. When you instrumentality 25 percent disconnected that already tenable price, you person a existent look for smartphone success.

Regarding specs, you get the Google Tensor G2 spot with 8GB RAM. You get a 64MP superior camera, a 13MP ultrawide lens, and a 13MP selfie camera. Most importantly, you get Google's unthinkable photography bundle that makes taking and editing photos amusive and easy, successful fact, we noted that it's "not conscionable the capturing of those images that's important, it's what happens to them afterwards, with options successful Google Photos to usage Magic Eraser oregon camouflage elements successful photos, adhd inheritance blur and a full batch more."

Other Pixel deals

If you're much of a high-end telephone fan, you tin get the newer and much almighty Pixel 8 Pro for $200 disconnected close now, which is simply a tremendous woody for a telephone that's lone been retired for a fewer months.

The regular Pixel 8 is besides connected merchantability for $549, and the Pixel Fold is $400 off. If you're successful the marketplace for a Google Pixel smartphone, plentifulness of fantastic deals are retired there, making this the cleanable clip to power to Android and bask each things Google.

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