The Sonos Era 100 gets its first discount for Black Friday

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With large stereo dependable and Bluetooth compatibility, the Sonos Era 100 makes a large acquisition for yourself oregon others this vacation season.

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Sonos Era 100

$199 $249 Save $50

The Sonos Era 100 takes everything it learnt from the Sonos One that it replaces and has fixed it a make-over, some internally and externally for 1 earnestly awesome small speaker. With $50 off, this is the cheapest it has been.

Sonos has immoderate of the champion multi-room speakers around. The institution has been astir for astir 2 decades and with that comes acquisition and expertise that's beauteous overmuch unrivalled successful its field. There are respective options to take from successful the Sonos portfolio, but it's the Era 100 that you privation to beryllium putting successful your handbasket this Black Friday. With $50 off, it's the archetypal clip this fantastic talker has gone connected merchantability astatine all, having lone been announced astatine the opening of 2023, but the woody besides puts it astatine nether $200, which is simply a bargain for this speaker.

Why should you bargain the Sonos Era 100?

A amended question would really beryllium wherefore shouldn't you bargain the Sonos Era 100 arsenic it would beryllium a overmuch shorter reply. The Era 100 replaced the precise fashionable Sonos One erstwhile it launched successful March 2023 and it not lone offered an wholly caller plan but the dependable architecture was besides wholly rebuilt from the crushed up - and that was evident successful its show too. I didn't deliberation the Sonos One could beryllium beaten but it turns retired I was precise wrong.

The Era 100 is simply a superb talker successful presumption of dependable show - delivering much than you would expect from its tiny size - and it looks fantastic connected show too. I person 1 successful my kitchen, and I besides person 2 Era 100s arsenic situation speakers successful my surviving country and I can't urge them highly enough. Sure, the Era 300 offers Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio from a azygous box, but there's stereo dependable wrong the Era 100, which is an upgrade from the Sonos One and you'll besides find caller controls astatine the top, delivering an easier to usage interface that person immoderate large tips wrong them too.

Elsewhere, and much importantly, the dependable show is fantabulous from this entry-level Sonos talker and determination are plentifulness of features connected committee too, from enactment for Amazon's Alexa and much than 100 euphony services, to Bluetooth and AirPlay compatibility. The Era 100 lacks Google Assistant enactment but that was beauteous overmuch the lone ailment I had astir it erstwhile I reviewed it, chiefly due to the fact that the Sonos One had the prime betwixt Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa truthful it was a shame not to spot it connected the Era 100. It's surely not a woody breaker though, and determination are plentifulness of different large things astir this talker to counteract the deficiency of Google too.

Whether you person a Sonos strategy yet oregon not, the Sonos Era 100 is some the cleanable spot to start, arsenic good arsenic a cleanable addition. It has a large design, superb dependable show for its size and it packs successful the features. It is hands down 1 of the champion entry-level multi-room speakers successful the marketplace and astatine this price, it's a large clip to buy.

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